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Our Mission

Williamsport Millionaires Youth Football and Cheer Association will serve as true feeder programs for the sports of football and cheer for the Williamsport Area School District's football and cheer programs respectively. This will be a first of its kind for Williamsport and mirrors the same style as other communities and their school district in Lycoming County and beyond. Sports are typically centered around placing the most concern with winning. However, Williamsport Millionaires Youth Football and Cheer Association will place winning as its last focus with its operations. Sportsmanship, fun, and civility of our players, parents, coaches, and fans will be our association's main focus. We recognize that development of our players for success in sport is not our only goal but to develop our players for success in the classroom, their community, and life. We will provide a safe environment, with supportive mentoring to the youth in our community and strong parent involvement as role models to be followed by example. We will advance an image of upstanding character and heart within our community and surrounding communities. It is our goal to be an example to others on how to strengthen your community through youth sports. We must carry ourselves with proper sportsmanship, attitude, words and actions, and focus on bettering ourselves, our children, and our entire community. This is the Millionaire Mindset!


What People are saying about WMYFCA

The programs offered by the Williamsport Millionaires Youth Football and Cheer Association are not merely recreational activities; they serve as pillars of support and development for our young people. By fostering a sense of pride and unity, they contribute significantly to the fabric of our community. Through athletics, children from diverse backgrounds come together, forging bonds that extend far beyond the playing field.

                                                                                                                                Janis L Holmes

As the Commissioner of the Heartland Youth Football League, the importance of Community in our League is strong. This past season, the leadership of the youth football and cheer program needed to be replaced and the members of the new WMYFCA were gracious enough to extend their time to continue the programs for the youth of the Williamsport Area School District. They are a group of volunteers dedicated to making a successful and seamless transition from Firetree Place to the WMYFCA.  

John Derr, Commissioner

Every high school coach should be directly involved in their youth program. I am extremely excited for and applaud Coach Mike Pearson for his efforts!

Justin Van Fleet, Head Coach, Loyalsock Township High School.